Finance: Research, Policy and Anecdotes

I really liked this comic – makes me wonder how my PhD students talk about me when I am not in the room…..

Sometimes one appreciates his former colleagues only after leaving.  Ben Vollaard from Tilburg University has been doing great research on “crime” and honesty, such as on how to “facilitate” honesty and how the Dutch herring competition is being rigged. Speaking about economics being useful in daily life….               

Yesterday was my last official day as (Co-) Editor of Review of Finance though I will continue to handle papers that have been submitted before yesterday and/or have received an R&R. The three years for the Review of Finance have been incredibly rewarding, though not always easy. I certainly have learnt a lot for my own research!   I might write up some lessons on these three years later this year.

2018 shapes us as interesting year – more visits to Malaysia, some road trips for the Ordo-liberalism eBook and – after some delay – finally the Handbook of Finance and Development (co-edited with Ross Levine) will be published.  I will continue as (co)-Managing Editor of Economic Policy, with exciting special issues coming up, on populism and the Gig economy.  And February will see our first task force meeting on the effect of Basel III on emerging markets.

1. Jan, 2018