Finance: Research, Policy and Anecdotes

I am off to Zurich for the next Economic Policy Panel meeting.  As always an exciting programme. One important highlight will be four papers on populism, a critical issue for policy makers and social scientists on both sides of the North Atlantic (and increasingly in Latin America as well).   To better understand the challenges, several papers by political scientists are included in the programme.  And one interesting paper, which has already made headlines, is by Patrick Kennedy and Andrea Prat on where people get their news, especially relevant in the current political environment.   Also on the programme two papers that look at the effect of zombie enterprises and misallocation of resources – one cross-country and one on Italy. The final three papers will focus on the extent to which the expansion of education can make up for negative consequences of an aging population on growth; the effect of monetary policy on banks’ profits at the zero lower bound; and the effects of national borders and thus secession on trade. An exciting and diverse set of papers!    I will be tweeting from the panel meeting!

12. Apr, 2018