Finance: Research, Policy and Anecdotes

What a year it has been! In terms of politics, 2016 was the year of shocks (Brexit vote and Trump election) and 2017 the year of hope (Macron election). 2018 can be referred to as the year of the new normal, with populists-authoritarian parties now firmly in charge in several European countries, Macron running into trouble in France and Trump continuing his attacks on international trade. On a personal level, it has been an exciting and intellectually stimulating year, working with my outstanding PhD students Andre and Mikael, continuing as Economic Policy editor and helping to push forward the long-term finance agenda in Africa.

2019 will bring new challenges for me, including on the professional level. It will be my last year as managing co-editor of Economic Policy and my first year as managing co-editor of the Journal of Banking and Finance.  I have joined the Advisory Scientific Committee of the ESRB and have been working as academic advisor for the FSB on the evaluation of the effects of Basel III on SME finance.  And as important background noise, the comedy show “Brexit” has been just renewed for another season (my bet is that it will be extended for several more seasons).  In any case, if anyone thought 2018 was a crazy year in British politics, wait for 2019 you ain’t seen nothing yet! 

14. Dec, 2018