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I cannot help but comment on the latest episode of “Brexit – The Never-ending Soap Opera”.  It is true, ratings of the series might have come down (Brexit is boring), as people cannot really follow the plot anymore (neither in the UK nor in Brussels nor anywhere in the world, it seems). The British government, however, is trying its best to bring back up its rating by choosing an ever shriller tone. The Prime Minister has now decided that it is really the EU’s fault that she has not been able to solve the Brexit Trilemma. In the meantime, ministers of her government are competing on who can make the most stupid comment.   And the clock is ticking….

Next week will (supposedly) see votes in the House of Commons on (i) Theresa May’s deal, (ii) a no-deal and (iii) and the request for a possible extension of the Article 50 process. I will not join in any predictions, except that next week’s episode of the soap opera might actually be quite interesting.  And we might actually find out whether and for how many more seasons it will be extended (rumours have it that the name will change to: “Brexeternity – The Sequel”).  In the meantime, I will get myself some popcorn and a nice drink and relax for the weekend.  Cheers!

8. Mar, 2019