Finance: Research, Policy and Anecdotes

I am off to my last Economic Policy panel meeting at the Bank of Finland in Helsinki, before continuing to a week-long trip to China. It’ll be a bit nostalgic for me after 6 years as managing editor, having met so many great people and worked with so many outstanding economists (and just having met Tullio Jappelli whom I replaced, it was really interesting to take stock of what has changed over the past 6 years). But it’ll be again a great programme, with papers on 20 years Euro and the trade war, among others.  There will be also papers on the factors explaining pension reforms, how much bank executives anticipated the Global Financial Crisis by cashing out, and on the divergence in firm productivity and wages.  I will try to tweet as much as possible. This panel will also be the last of my fellow managing editor Beata Javorcik who just became Chief Economist of the EBRD, so that there will be quite some editorial turnover, with Moritz Schularick and Ghazala Azmat taking our spots (and Andrea Ichino and Tommaso Monacelli staying on).  Expect more great panel and papers in the coming years with this refreshed editorial team.

9. Oct, 2019