Other research papers

Other research areas

In the following some papers that do not easily fit into one of the other areas of research,.

Housing Finance across Countries: New Data and Analysis, with Anton Badev, Ligia Vado and Simon Walley.

The Typology of Partial Credit Guarantee Funds around the World, with L.F. Klapper and J.C.Mendoza. Journal of Financial Stability, 6(1), 2010, pp. 10-25.

Bank Ownership and Stability: Evidence from Germany, with Heiko Hesse, Thomas Kick and Natalja von Westernhagen, 2009. Vox Column

Efficiency in Financial Intermediation: Theory and Empirical Measurement, in: Microfinance and Public Policy: Outreach, Performance and Efficiency, 2007, Bernd Balkenhol (ed). Palgrave, MacMillan.

Institution Building and Growth in Transition Economies, with L. Laeven, Journal of Economic Growth 11, June 2006, pp. 157-86. Data

Economic, Demographic, and Institutional Determinants of Life Insurance Consumption across Countries, with I. Webb, World Bank Economic Review 17, May 2003, pp. 51-88.

New Tools in Comparative Political Economy: The Database of Political Institutions, with G. Clarke, A. Groff, P. Keefer and P. Walsh, World Bank Economic Review 15, 165-176, 2000. Database