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My research and policy work:

Completing the banking union

Liquidity creation and growth - now forthcoming in JEG

Borrower-based macro-pru

Europe's energy policy in the wake of Russia's aggression

Big techs, QR code payments and financial inclusion

The real bank lending channel of exchange rate depreciation

Revisiting the drivers of remittance costs

Prospects of the Global Economy after Covid-19

Will video kill the radio start?

Have Banks Caught Corona?

Macro-financial policy in the UK

Fostering FinTech for financial transformation

Long-term finance in Africa - the website

Bank Supervision and the Composition of FIrm Investment

Economics of supranational bank supervision - forthcoming in JFQA

Bank sectoral concentration and risk - forthcoming in JMCB

Are banks catching Corona?

Emergency loans and consumption: evidence from Ira

COVID-19 in emerging markets: firm-survey evidence

National policies for a global pandemic?

Liquidity creation, growth and investment

Bank resolution and systemic risk

National policies for a global pandemic?

Bank resolution in Portugal and across the globe

Postcard from Barbados

Technology and the future of banking

Long-term finance in Africa

Finance and poverty reduction in India

Is cross-border supervisory cooperation effective?

The architecture of supervision

Looking beyond the borders of the banking union

Making Basel III work for the emerging world

Micro-evidence on macroprudential policies

SME growth constraints in low-income countries

Basel standards in developing countries

Keep walking? Islamic borrowers don't mind distance

Handbook of Finance and Development

Basel III - Unintended Consequences for Emerging Markets

The economics of supranational supervision

Ordoliberalism on the road - in DC and Vienna

Mobile Money and Firm Growth

Ordoliberailsm - understanding German economics

Sex and credit - now forthcoming in JBF

Basel standards in LICs

Bank Bail-in: the effects on credit supply and real economy

Sectoral specialization: new measures, new results

Quo vadis Europe? In London, Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris

Quo vadis European Union?

Is there a natural resource curse in finance?

Competition and Regulation in Financial Markets

When Arm's Length is too far

The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking

Future challenges for financial regulation

Financial inclusion - measuring progress and progress in measuring

Nascent stock exchanges

Foreigners vs. natives: lending techniques and pricing

Bailing-in vs. bailing out

Keep walking: are borrowers willing to walk for their beliefs?

Long-term finance: the new financial development frontier

Other people's research and conferences

Borrower-based macro-pru

Ieke van den Burg Prize 2022

Postcard from Florence Sovereign debt and financial stability

Interesting papers - May 2022

JBF special issue on green and ethical finance

Bank business models - another special JBF issue

Bank complexity - a special JBF issue

Bank crisis management - what next?

Covid-19 and Banking - Special JBF issue

Interesting papers in JBF - September 2021

Ieke van den Burg Prize 2021

Demography, inequality and inflation

Politics and finance - the second edition

Supervising auditors: the need for reforms

Interesting papers in JBF - March 2021

Bank resolution - time for another reform in Europe

Emerging scholars conference

Interesting Covid papers

One cap to bind them all?

Climate and ethical finance - a conference report

Politics and finance - a conference report

Effectiveness of macro-pru in the Americas

Interesting papers - May 2020

Interesting papers - April 2020

Financial stability in Paris

Entrepreneurship and finance - the bright and dark sides

Off to Helsinki

Frontier research in macro-pru

New papers in Review of Finance

Basel III and SME finance

Off to Tallinn

Postcard from Mumbai

Reshaping the Future for Financial Inclusion

Green finance

10 years after the crisis - a conference report

On the road - Basel III in DC and EP in Vienna

Interesting papers - September 2018 issue

Interesting papers - July 2018 issue

Global Findex in London

Bitcoin, blockchain and the future of money

More on financial inclusion

Economic Policy panel in Zurich

What is new in the financial inclusion literature? 

Research in Islamic finance - looking forward

Economic Policy panel in Brussels

Mobile money and financial development

Postcard from Kuala Lumpur

Forthcoming in Review of Finance, August 2017

Capital buffers, loan growth and fragility

Interesting papers I have been reading - May 2017

Economic Policy Panel in Malta - April 2017

Rethinking the effects of deindustrialization

Competition and Regulation in Financial Markets

Emerging scholars conference - and the winner is...

Postcard from Cape Town

The Palgrave Handbook of European Banking

Interesting papers and events - December 2016

Finance and Development - the unfinished agenda

Economic Policy Panel in Florence - October 2016

Alternative finance - new opportunities or new risks

Some interesting papers I have been reading - August 2016

Long-term finance: the new financial development frontier